Fruit BAR 

Snack made by nature


Looking for a yummy              snack you don’t have                  to feel guilty about? 

Fruit bars give you natural energy, not empty calories like refined sugar. 

You can choose from three tasty flavours:

  • raisins / apple / cinamon
  • apricot / raisins / vanilla
  • apricots / plums / persimmon
It’s hard to choose your favourite; all three flavours are poppin‘!


Preferably vegan, gluten- free snack without added sugar?

Fruit BAR is exactly that!

Plus contains nature-based vitamins, minerals, and fibre which are good for your health. This quick power source fits into any bag or pocket.


Fruit BAR is our snack made FOR YOU!

  • FOR YOU at work
  • FOR YOU while studying
  • FOR YOU while exploring the world
  • FOR YOU while working out
  • FOR YOU when you feel like you deserve a treat

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